Mayan ruins found in Georgia, USA (video)

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The textbooks will tell you that the Mayan people thrived in Central America from about 250 to 900 A.D., building magnificent temples in Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize.

But could they possibly have left stone ruins in the mountains of North Georgia, USA? Richard Thornton thinks so. He is an architect by training and has been researching the history of native people in and around Georgia for years.

Is talk of the Mayan Calendar's 2012 doomsday a deceptive mainstream media distraction?

On, he wrote about an 1,100-year-old archeological site near Georgia's highest mountain, Brasstown Bald, that he said "is possibly the site of the fabled city of Yupaha, which Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto failed to find in 1540."

This might all be fairly arcane stuff, except that an archeologist he cited, Mark Williams of the University of Georgia, took exception. More

Yupaha, ancient USA
DeSoto's Georgia Trails (

Before Hernando de Soto continued westward from North Florida...several survivors of his ill fated expedition reported at Marianna, Florida that "we had news of the interior...we were going in search of the land that Indian boy named Perico told us was on another sea [the Atlantic Ocean]."

"He [Perico] said that he was not from this land, but that he was from another one lying in the direction of the sunrise. Some time ago he had come here in order to visit other lands; his land was called Yupaha, and that a woman ruled it. Her town was of wonderful size, and she collected tribute from many of her neighboring Chiefs, some of whom gave her gold in abundance. He told how the gold was taken from the mines, melted and refined, just as if he had seen it done, or else the devil [taught] him. All among us who knew anything of this said it was impossible to give so good an account of it unless one had seen it; and all believed whatever he said was true when they saw the signs he made. On Wednesday, the 3rd of March, 1540 (mid-March on our Gregorian Calendar), the governor (Hernando de Soto) left (his camp at Marianna) in search of Yupaha, the Indian boy's land." More

Karen L. Testerman: "Time for the US to start revising their history books!"
Japedo Moonson, Seattle Central Community College: "long long time coming"
Luis Filipe Pereira: "History books from long time ago are nothing more [than] propaganda books!!"
Jk Karrman: "It has taken a long time to realize that US History books are far from a chronicle of Truth. Propaganda, yes"
Benford Standley: "Between the Catholic and other churches and the US Government so much truth is buried and covered up and left out of books that we are hundreds of years in the dark..."
Hacim Nevar Foteiqazugachinowski: "ya know, this is plausible... the lost city of gold very well could have been there because this is right where the first major gold rush in America was..."
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